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Your Soul Tribe

Finding and connecting to your Soul Tribe is life changing. I know this from experience. These are the people who genuinely love you and appreciate your Spirit. You have a sense that they know, accept, and understand you just as you are. There is a deep connection. This can include some of your biological family, but not necessarily. Your Soul Tribe is here to help you on your path to living an awakened life (and you to theirs). These people can enter your life and only be a part of it temporarily or stay with you forever. But, this connection is never lost.

In order for you to recognize these people, you need to be awake and aware. The way this went for me was, at some point I “woke up” and started to discover that there was more to life than daily dissatisfaction and suffering. I began to seek out events, information, books, and teachers to help me on this path of discovery. During this discovery and learning phase, I had many heart-opening experiences where I started to know in my heart that there was more to life – and that life is beautiful and joyful. At some point during this journey, I started to meet likeminded people who were on the same spiritual growth path. With some of these people, I could feel the connection and now know they are part of my Soul Tribe.

If you are feeling like you do not have a Soul Tribe but would like one, I would first ask “Are you open to having this type of relationship?”. It means being vulnerable. It means opening yourself up by being yourself. It means letting go of any judgements or biases. It means stepping out of your comfort zone. Also, take a look at who you are spending your energy on now. Are these people supportive and accepting of you? Don’t tend to unhealthy relationships that only take energy away from potential soul relationships. Pay attention to how people make you feel. How do you feel after spending time with certain people? How do you feel going into an encounter with certain people? If you are truly ready to have a Soul to Soul relationship, be sure you are open and aware.

Once you feel like you are open, another questions to ask: “Am I ready to make this a priority?”. All the TODOs and commitments in our lives, can be quite distracting. It takes time to cultivate and sustain healthy relationships. So, make sure you are allowing for this time. Have a solid intention to make time and take steps in this direction. Reach out and step out. This takes courage, but it is worth it. Don’t let your Ego make up any stories about “not having the time” or “I’ll never find them”. The ego is quite good at making us feel separate from others. This only gets in the way or our commitment. So, be aware of this.

I encourage you to be open and allow your Soul Tribe in. Don’t try to go it alone, life is way more fun and inspirational with your Tribe. 😉

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