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Share Your Gifts

We ALL have Divine gifts to share with others. And in these crazy times, we are ALL being asked to share them. If we each share our gifts daily, the world would become a better place as a result. Having and sharing our gifts with each other is what binds us together. It bridges any gaps of feeling separate from each other. And we all know that feeling separate from each other is what causes many of our World problems. We are all in this life together!

So, you might be thinking “What are my gifts that would make this worldly difference?”. If you are not sure what your gifts are, ask others. Or just sit quietly and drop your awareness into your heart and ask “What are my gifts and how can I share?". You will get an answer. But, first let me help you out with a few ideas. Because it does not have to be an obvious “talent”. It can be something as simple as the ability to Listen to another - to be a shoulder to lean on. Or it could be any of these: smiling at others, cooking for others, helping others in any way, being kind to others, staying calm in a turbulent situation, telling someone you care, genuinely compliment someone, or even making others laugh. These are just a few.

Don’t let your Ego discount these gifts by telling you that they are not significant enough to make a difference. They are Divine (or God) given gifts, so how could it be true that they are not important? Trust what is true in your Heart and share all your Gifts! Even if you just share with one person, it WILL make a difference in the World. 😊

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