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Why Meditation at Work?

Updated: May 26, 2019

Most people are aware of the stress reduction benefits of meditation and there are a lot of studies and evidence to support this. But, there are so many more benefits worth considering for office application.

Meditation at work can help with:

Creating harmonious employee relationships

Improving team collaboration

Increasing sense of connectedness

Improving employee attention and concentration

Improving ability to make decisions

Improving creativity

Promoting happiness and well being

Easing anxiety, worry and fear

Reducing anger

Increasing overall sense of well-being

Allowing employees time on the job to learn and practice meditation will greatly benefit both employee and employer. After 28 years working in software engineering I know first hand how important a regular meditation practice at the office can be. Several years ago, I started a meditation practice with my co-workers and we all noticed an increase in our ability to stay focused and improved creativity throughout the rest of the day.

Please leave any comments below to share your thoughts and/or experiences.

If You Are Interested in Working With Me to provide your employees with the opportunity to learn how to Meditate and sustain the practice , Click on “REQUEST A FREE CONSULT” Above and We Can Schedule a Call to Chat.

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