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Curiosity Creates Connection

The early days of discovering my connection to the energy of the universe and my own inner spirit were filled with curiosity. Curiosity fueled my seeking, learning and discovery. In these early days, my connection to Spirit was being formed in my intellectual mind – by reading, taking classes, talking to other seekers about what I was learning and experiencing. Again - all fueled by curiosity.

Curiosity is the best way to keep your ego mind from questioning or poo-poo these new expanded ideas. Whenever I would start having doubts about there being more to life than my struggles, I would just get curious and keep seeking and learning. Eventually, I began to believe that I could live a life free from constant worry and struggle and dissatisfaction. Remaining curious is the best way to influence a positive shift in your beliefs. And curiosity creates space for new things and insights to come into your life and awareness.

Eventually, after creating daily “spiritual” practices like meditation and mindfulness and gratitude, I began to feel and embody a connection to Spirit. It became less about learning intellectually and more about feeling and experiencing. Curiosity fueled this experience as well. For instance, I would get curious when I would feel other people’s energy (and my own energy) or when I sensed the energy or vibration of my Mom who had passed or when I had an intuitive knowing of what to do or what decision to make.

So, play around with your own Curiosity and see what happens. Get curious about things that you never considered before. Get curious abut your beliefs. Curiosity fuels growth and creates Expansion & Connection! I promise!

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