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Your Right To Be Happy

Are you under the assumption that you must “work hard” to be happy or “earn the right” to be happy? Do you feel that everyone else needs to be happy first before you can be happy? Do you ever feel guilty for your moments of happiness? If this sounds like you, then you probably learned this behavior a long time ago. And - it is NOT true. For starters, we all have an innate right to be happy. Also, you cannot make anyone else happy. We are not responsible for others’ lives or feelings. Our only responsibility it to ourselves.

Besides being an innate right, being happy is a choice. So, what if we all make a pact today to chose to be happy? Let’s all claim our right to be happy! Let’s no longer base our happiness on what’s happening in our external life. We can be happy for the simple fact that Life is full of goodness and endless possibilities.

In order to do this, we are going to need to change some of our beliefs - starting with awareness. Ask yourself “Why can’t I just make the choice and be happy now?”. Listen to the story that you hear come from your mind. Allow your mind to tell its story. Then, sit back, drop into your heart and ask “How true is this?”. Use your spoken words to affirm what you know in your heart is true - “This is an old belief and actually I have a right to be happy. I chose to be happy.”. It will take time to let go of your old beliefs and patterns, but once you have the awareness turned on - you are on your way. Keep noticing your old beliefs & patterns and make a choice to shift these. Over time you will find that making your happiness a priority will become easy. Making this shift will cause other shifts in your life - like letting go of people, places, activities, situations that do not lift you up to a happy place. You have a choice.

Claim your Right to be Happy and start enjoying life more!

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