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Odd One Out

Our self-esteem can take a hit when we don’t feel supported or appreciated by those around us. Especially with our loved ones or people we respect. If our ideas or beliefs are being challenged, we tend to second guess ourselves. We can feel like the Odd One Out. But, when you know in your heart that what you say is True for you, then it is important to remain grounded and not allow yourself to lose your conviction.

I know from experience that it can be scary to go against what others believe. In fact, most people just go along with the crowd in order to feel safe. Standing up for what you know in your heart is True, is an important part of your path to growing spiritually. Mature souls do not compromise their beliefs for the sake of being accepted or liked. They know that they are supported by Spirit.

What are some ways that you can start to gain courage to do this? Well, one way is to stop asking others what they think before making decisions. Collecting facts is one thing, basing your decisions on others opinions is another. Instead, after collecting the facts, get quiet and check in with your heart (your inner knowing) for answers. You will know if it is True for you by the way that you feel. If you feel uncomfortable or in doubt at all, that is not coming from your heart. It will just feel right. Right for you. It will feel calm and gentle – not forced or rushed. There will be no judgement attached to your decision.

Do not abandon your Spirit in order to win approval of others. Be brave to take a stand for what is True for you!

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