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Have you heard the term "seeing everything through Rose Colored Glasses"? In my mind, this term refers to seeing only the good in the world - ignoring the rest. One online dictionary defines this term as "a cheerful or optimistic view of things, usually without valid basis". Most people don't wear Rose Colored Glasses, we each have our own tint that we add to our own view of life. This tint is colored by our beliefs which in turn form our Judgments. We see and experience the world through the lens of our Judgments. We all do it because we were taught to do it. And we have been doing it most of our lives. Not when we were children though. When we were children, we saw and experienced the world through our hearts. There was no tinted lens. There was no lens. But, here we are now - restricting our experience with life because of this myopic lens. Don't we want to experience life to it's fullest - to have all the opportunities in life in our view and available to us? Of course we do! How do we do this? The first step is to start to recognize when we are judging. And we judge both ourselves and others. Both types of judgments restrict our experiences in life. Awareness is always the first step to making shifts in our lives. Without it, we don't even know what's causing us so much suffering. So, start to notice when you are judging. Maybe even start writing them down. Start a Judgement Journal [is there a journal big enough!?! ;)]. If you take the time to do this, you will really start to have more awareness on how often you are judging. For most of us, it is constant and all day long. This is the first step. After you start to notice the judgments, get curious about them. Where do they stem from? What is the Belief(s) I have that's causing me to judge? What would it take to shift these beliefs? Am I open to making these mindset shifts?

Give it a try and notice how your experiences in life grow and expand!

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