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You Rock!

When you throw a rock in water, it creates ripples. Everything we do creates ripples. Recently I have been witnessing ripples of joy all around me. People are taking acts of kindness and perpetuating these with more acts of kindness. Recently, it happened to me. Like most people these days, we have been taking many walks outside to get out of the house. Just walking around our neighborhood and in local parks, we have been seeing painted rocks carefully placed on the sides of the trail. This has been putting a smile on my face. :) And as we walk, I can hear children gleefully shouting "I found another one!". I was so touched by this act of joy, that I shared some pictures of these painted beauties with my niece who lives in another state. She immediately decided she wanted to do the same thing in her neighborhood. So, we decided we would do it together! We held a Zoom call and painted rocks! It was so fun connecting with her in this way. Also it was fun being creative with painting the rocks. And of course placing the rocks has been great fun too! Finding the perfect spot and imagining the children (big and small) spotting it and smiling with pleasure. :)

Another example of this is the Teddy Bears. I mentioned this in another Blog post. People in the neighborhoods have been putting Stuffed Animals in their windows for the children to spot. I've never been one to be left out of the fun, so of course I have some of our fluffy friends posing in our windows! In fact, I got a cute idea from a friend to move them daily so that they have to be "found" again. So, I move them around and pair them with others. I even caught my husband putting a hat on old Pooh Bear one day ;)

Of course there are all the people out there helping each other out with getting groceries and running errands for the elderly. Also, people are working hard making masks. I have a friend and another niece who have been making masks for family and friends. We have been recipients of those creations! Thank you!

So, now it's your turn. Create some Ripples!!!!!!!!!!! You Rock!

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