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You're Invited

Life is constantly providing us with invitations, big and small. What do you do with them? Have you been ignoring life’s invitations? Or do you embrace the excitement of being invited?! Once you start noticing, acknowledging, and accepting them, your life will open up and you will receive more. As long as you accept, they will keep coming.

Try this exercise out: Daily (or once a week) write down 3 positive interactions, surprises, opportunities or inspired ideas you had recently. These can be big or little things. Anything at all. Write down any details about your experience. Doing this will help you pay attention and expect! Even if you did not embrace the opportunity, write it down and write down some thoughts on the benefits of accepting the invitation. What’s the craziest most positive thing that could happen? Dream big! Another way to add awareness to life’s invitations is to share them with friends and family by talking about them. But only share with people who positively support you – not the naysayers. If you don’t know who’s part of your support system, it’s the people who love you and want you to live your life to its fullest.

Open yourself up to and accept all the possible invitations that Life has to offer!

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