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What’s Your Body Saying?

What stops us from being kind to and truly loving our bodies? It is so easy to fall into the stories of the ego about how we can’t trust our bodies, or how they are too big, too small, too weak or not fast enough, not strong enough, or too tired. When we listen to our ego, we don’t treat our bodies kindly. We might overindulge or underutilize our bodies. We have unkind thoughts about our body or even say cruel things out loud about them. This is no way to treat a Divine gift.

The real truth about our bodies is that they are a loving gift from the Divine. Our bodies work hard and serve our Spirit every day. Our bodies are the vehicle we have been blessed with to allow us to live this life here on earth. It is the earthly home for our Spirit. Besides being the home of our Spirt, the body is also a communication bridge between ourselves and our Spirit. Our bodies communicate messages to us from our Spirit every day. Have you ever felt the flutter of love in your heart for a loved one, or goosebumps when you are inspired by something new, or a tightness in your stomach when you go into a job that you know is not right for you? Your body is the easiest way to receive guidance from your Spirit. And it does not lie.

It’s time we start investing in and being kind to our physical self that we call home. It’s time to befriend our body. Bless it daily. Listen to it – what does it need (or not need)? Are you ignoring it, mistreating it, draining it? Give it nourishment and rest. Once you make friends with your body, then start communicating with it. Send it love and let it love you right back!

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