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Time to Slow Down

With Summer ending, things are finally starting to slow down. Summer is always a busy time for most people. In my family, we travel to visit our families in the summer, which can be hectic. Even if you are not traveling a lot, you are at least busy taking advantage of the nice weather and doing more activities which keeps your life busy. When things get busy like this, we tend to forget to take quiet time for ourselves. And when we are not finding quiet time, we are living more (or all) of our time in our heads. This can put us in a state of unrest or discomfort. In order to feel the peace and contentment of our Inner Self, we must take time out to ground and center ourselves. So, with the sense of Fall weather in the air, take some time for yourself everyday to quiet your mind. Return to an activity you enjoy that quiets your mind. Maybe you like to curl up on the couch with a warm blanket and read good a book. Or maybe it’s time to make a pot of your favorite soup. Maybe you like to knit or do some craft that puts you in a quiet frame of mind. Whatever that is, take advantage of this time to slow things down. These quiet moments are when we feel most a peace. Doesn’t that sound comforting? :)

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