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Time to Check in on Who You Are Being

Living from your Authentic Self is living a guided life that flows easily. It is living from your Intuition. You easily ride the wave of the ups and the downs. If there is an upset, you recover quickly. This is an empowered life.

So, are you living from your Authentic Self? If not, it’s probably because of all the outside influences in your life telling you how you need to (or should) be. We allow these outside influences to drive how we are living our life. When we do this, we lose touch with our Authentic Self and consequently our Intuition. It can happen slowly over time so that we don’t even notice. You make decisions in your life that moves you in different directions. And sometimes you are just stuck living from these decisions, not feeling empowered enough to make a change.

This is why it is important to stop and check in on who you are being today. Are you aligned with your Authentic Self? It’s really easy to do this check in. Just ask yourself “How am I feeling about my life?". About each and every aspect of your life. Some areas might be good, and some might be not so good. First, be grateful for the good and then take a closer look at the not so good. Be curious and creative when looking at these areas of your life. Also be sure not to judge these areas. Some things in our lives made sense in our past, but maybe not so much now. So, there is no reason to judge where you are now. Also, some things might be still evolving. Because of this, be sure and not throw the baby out with the bath water! What areas are evolving and maybe require a bit of patience? What areas really truly are not going the way of your Authentic Self – at least not anymore? It is very tempting to ignore or deny what is not working. But eventually these areas will become SO uncomfortable that you can not ignore them anymore. So, don’t use your intellectual mind and your unchecked emotion to make this determination. Go into your Heart.

A great exercise is to write down all the areas of your life that do not feel in flow. Where have you settled? What areas worked before, but are not working now? Where do you tend to use the word “should” or “have to”? Where do you feel stuck or frustrated? What makes you feel cranky or irritable? What areas of your life are you shut down in? Just get it all out. And if you can find a trusted friend or loved one who will listen with non-judgement – share this list and your thoughts. If you can’t find someone, say your list out loud to yourself. The sound of your own voice has a huge impact on how you process things and become dedicated and determined.

Next, start listing all the things that bring you joy (experiences, places, people, etc.). Sometimes it helps to think back to when you were a child – what brought you joy back then. We can get so lost in our current situation or misery that we forget, so tapping into a time in your life when you were naturally connected to your Authentic Self helps a great deal. Then ask yourself “Am I doing any of these things today?”. List the ones that you are and the ones that you are not. This is a great start to making some shifts! And of course - Expect that this exercise WILL lead you to something amazing! This is taking action, so with it will come positive changes and movement in your life.

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