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The Naming Game – A Tool to Quiet Obsessive Thinking

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

I have sometimes heard from clients that they can’t stop obsessive thinking and/or worrying. Sometimes they don’t even realize they are doing it, but the anxiety it produces is causing health or peace of mind issues. Maybe a friend has done something to upset them and they can’t stop thinking about how it hurt and how they would never do something like that and how disrespectful that was and so on and on and on. Or maybe they can’t stop worrying about their Son or Daughter who is out late at a party with people they don’t know well and all the terrible things that could happen. We have all had something in our lives that spins around in our minds to the point of causing stress and anxiety. I often will share this tool with my clients that can help with quieting these obsessive thoughts. It’s called The Naming Game. When you notice that you are having these obsessive thoughts, just take a few deep breaths and start naming everything in front of you – out loud. Naming things out loud is important because it needs to be out of the mind where all the obsessive thoughts are located. Just keep naming things until you feel the obsessive thoughts are gone. Get quiet again and see if they are truly gone. If they aren’t, start the naming game again. Keep doing this until the obsessive thoughts are gone. Sometimes it can take a while! Obsessive thinking is a habit and can take some time to be broken – just like any habit. I know this tool works because I use it and it has helped with obsessive worrying. Over time I see that I worry a lot less, so I am breaking this habit. I hope it works for you too! :)

I can help you with this journey of freeing yourself from the incessant chatter in your head and creating a more peaceful life. If you are interested in exploring this topic further for yourself, click on “REQUEST A FREE CONSULT” Above and We Can Schedule a Call to Chat.

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