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The Most Valuable Investment to Make Now

Any amount of time that you invest in your Spirit is time that will be returned to you in ways of deep joy, peace-of-mind, and bountiful abundance in your life. This is an investment you would never regret. It is an investment in living your best life.

If you are thinking of investing more time to meditate, pray or just be more mindful daily, you are investing in the well-being of your Spirit. If you are wanting to read a new self-help book or take a spiritual class to learn from a teacher, you are investing in the expansion of your Spirit. If you are seeking to connect to or congregate with (safely, social distance style 😉) a loving community of other higher vibration seekers, you are connecting to and living from your Spirit. These are yearnings you do not want to put off or ignore. These are actually tugs from your Spirit to connect and grow.

It is important to not allow your ego (that doubting negative voice in your head) stop you with excuses. Excuses like: “I Don’t have time” or “It’s not worth the time” or “It won’t help my life/situation”. Do not listen to any words of discouragement or doubt. Your ego will try to confuse you with empty tasks/TODO lists, “should dos”, and mind numbing distractions. Investing in your Spirit is not a waste of time. Giving your Spirit your time and attention will come back to you tenfold. You will feel more grounded and connecting to everything and everyone. You will feel more empowered. You will begin to easily Trust that life will work out and is perfect just as it is. This investment in our Spirit is the most valuable investment you can make! Make it NOW!

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