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The Many Disguises of Fear

Fear keeps us from living our perfect most awesome life. And it is sneaky. We don’t always recognize it because it disguises itself as things like worry, guilt, regret, feeling rejected, feeling lack, 2nd guessing ourselves. There are plenty more disguises, but you are starting to get the idea. The biggest disguise fear wears is Over Analyzing! We all Analyze constantly (some of us more than others 😉). Am I doing this right? Why don’t they seem to like me? How can I be sure things will go my way? How do I avoid [fill in the blank]? What if this terrible thing happens? And once these questions are asked, then many more follow. We head down the rabbit hole of questions and making things up. I love the quote by Mark Twain: “I've lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.”. Why do we torture ourselves? Well, we are human – we come by it naturally. 😊 Analyzing always leads to Fear (it actually is Fear). When we are in Fear, we are not in the Present Moment. And as we all know, being in the Present Moment is synonymous with being in Joy. Who doesn’t want to be in Joy?

So, let’s end the fear and be more in Joy! How do we do this? STOP analyzing everything! The first step is Awareness (Awareness is always the first step). Start noticing when you are doing it. Notice how it feels (both emotionally and in your body). Be curious about how it makes you feel. Maybe start to journal about it (if you are a journal junkie 😉). Or just start to talk about it out loud. Once you get in the habit of noticing – noticing – noticing – you can start to feel a shift. I don’t like the way this feels. I’m going to start to get curious about Joy, because Joy is the way out of this feeling. What makes me happy? How do I love spending my time and with whom? Finding Joy takes curiosity and time. So be patient. Curiosity creates space for new things and insights to come in. You will start to build a list of all the things and experiences that bring you Joy. Again, write it down or say them out loud. And feel the vibration of each of these things. Sit quietly and feel the Joy. Try this and see how it goes. Comment below your experience.

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