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The Future is not Set in Stone

What does this mean? It means that there is always room for change. Our/Your future is wide open. Often, we don’t believe or know that we can create any future we desire. In these crazy times, it can feel like we are heading for a bleak future. It’s easy to go down that line of thought because - when many people are thinking the same thing that energy entrains to your energy. This energy I am talking about is very fearful and of a low vibration. If you are feeling this way, that is great! It means that you are alive and aware of the energy around you. Now that you are aware and awake, you can do something about it! So, what can you do?

For starters, everyday do things that you love – this naturally raises your vibration. Also, have gratitude for everything and everyone in your life. Even the things that are uncomfortable as these too are gifts. This will also help raise and keep you in a higher vibration. It will pull you up a bit out of the collective vibration of fear. And finally, I know I say this a lot – but I’m gonna say it again – get yourself out in nature. Even if you live in a city, get out and go for a walk if you can. Just feeling the sun or a breeze on your face is nurturing. Get creative and try something new! Whatever works for you!

So, don’t let your mind tell you that the future is set in stone – because it is not! You have a choice. We all have free will! Isn’t that wonderful!?!? This weekend have fun doing the things you love and say to the Universe “More of this please!”.

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