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The Energy of Honesty

This Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Gemini brings with it the opportunity and permission to be super honest (both with yourself and with others). But honesty must always be done in Kindness. Be mindful of your intentions. Opening your heart before telling the Truth to another (or yourself) is the best way to move forward. Moving forward with your open heart will ensure Grace.

With this particular full moon eclipse, you might be compelled to blurt things out. This kind of energy will be lurking about, so be aware. This blurting out could be coming from your mouth our your written word (text, email, social media post). So, be mindful of this energy and take a pause & turn on your filters. It is always a good idea to pause before saying or writing anything. Especially when there is heated energy attached to an interaction. And especially these days with so many in the U.S. being politically divided. So, I caution you again to take a pause and ask yourself “What is my intention? Is this coming from my Heart?” before communicating your Truth.

This is also a great time to find your grounded center. Spend some extra time in meditation or quiet mindful activities. Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting you not communicate your Truth. On the contrary – this is a great time to communicate with honesty. I am simply suggesting to be sure that you are grounded and connected to your True Self before interacting and communicating with others. This full moon eclipse energy brings with it great opportunities. How will you take advantage of this opportunistic energy?!

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