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The Energy Of Grief

This week, we lost our dear kitty of 14 years, Jazmyne. She was a big part of our family and brought us so much unconditional love and joy. So, needless to say there have been a lot of emotions filling our recent days. In experiencing these emotions, I have been thinking about how it is so important to allow ourselves to process grief. Everyone's process looks different, but however it is done we must allow the energy of grief to flow. Sometimes when our emotions are so strong, we want to shut them down, ignore them or distract ourselves. It seems like we are afraid of them - afraid they can cause something bad to happen. But that is not the truth. In reality, it is very healthy for us to allow the emotions of grief - to be with them. The process of grief is a loving process that is required for our healing. The timing of this process is different for everyone. As I said before, grief looks different for everyone. While I am being present with my grief, I have been paying attention to how it feels in my body. Just really being present with it - not stuck in my mind. Of course I have had moments of being stuck in the endless loop of thoughts like: "Why did this happen this way?", "How could this have gone differently?", "What did we do wrong?". But, when I have noticed this I just bring myself back to the present moment and sit with the grief. Letting the energy just flow and process through me. I am practicing being the calm and loving observer with compassion.

This blog post is in honor of our Dearly Loved Jazmyne :)

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