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The Energy of Forgiveness

One of the most loving gifts you can give yourself is Forgiveness. We all have people and experiences in our lives where we can forgive. Sometimes it's forgiving ourselves, or it’s forgiving others. When venturing out to give yourself the gift of forgiveness, remember that Forgiveness is a process. Just knowing about forgiveness - understanding that forgiveness is the path to inner peace is not enough. There is energy attached to what has happened to you. There is no denying that something happened and you were wounded. But, at some point you must move this energy and not allow it to stick with you. This stuck Energy is detrimental to your health. Unfortunately there is no quick fix. You have to take the steps and allow this energy to release in its own way. Doing this with patience will allow you to be free from this energy.

First step is to shine a light on what happened. Ask yourself why this caused you to feel wronged. What caused your Spirit to feel wounded? Why are you still feeling wounded? Feel the energy of the wound. How does it feel in your body? Where do you feel it? Is it tight or maybe turbulent? Notice how you are holding onto that energy or how that energy feels stuck. How far back does this energy go? Have you felt similar energy before? Spend some time deeply examining this energy. Does this energy get repeated in your life? What beliefs do you have that are attached to this energy? Do some journaling around this. Writing things down adds a vibration to them. This will help start the process of moving this energy. Once you have connected with this energy and feel it, start to move it by physically moving your body. Allow yourself to feel the emotion while you go for a walk. Do this with the intention to feel the wounds and to move the energy without judgement. While doing this, notice how it feels when this energy starts to break free and release - little by little - with each step. Do this for as many days as you can. Be sure and drink plenty of water as you are doing this. Also always make sure you are breathing intentionally - In through your nose and out through your mouth.

This is an opportunity to expand into your Higher Self. Feel this happening through the opening of your heart. There is also energy attached to forgiveness. Move your body to get this energy moving.

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