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Take A Break

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Take a break. Those words bring relief, right? Sometimes we feel like we are never done, and we must keep doing more. We make up these false urgencies and allow these to drive us. But in reality, taking breaks is the best thing we can do to achieve and accomplish. Doing more does not guarantee a feeling of satisfaction or accomplishment. Stepping back and taking a breath is the best way. This allows us to see and appreciate what we have created. It allows us to enjoy the moment. Take the time to re-center and reconnect to our spirit. Only after we have done this will it be time to move forward with ease.

So, take this weekend to take a break. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy something you love. Maybe spend quiet time with your family or pet(s). Curl up on the couch and watch your favorite movie or read a book. Go out into nature and pay attention to its beauty. Take yourself shopping. Have lunch with a friend. Whatever it is, do it for the sole purpose of giving yourself a gift. You deserve it!

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