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Surprise Surprise

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

The Divine loving Universal forces are constantly showering us with gifts. All day, every day. Not one day goes by that we each do not receive gifts. We are receiving them daily. The problem is, they often go unnoticed. If a good friend or loved one knocked on your door and handed you a beautifully wrapped gift, you would not ignore them. So why ignore the wonderful gifts you receive from the heavens? It is time to start noticing more and extending our gratitude. Not only does this please the Gift Giver, it also generates the receipt of more gifts -Bonus! It works the same in the Heavens as it does here on earth.

So, here is what you can do – cuz you know I’m all about sharing Practical Practices 😉. When you start your day, Ask for gifts. Don't worry - It’s OK to ask. The Divine Loving forces want us to ask. You can do this as soon as you wake up, before you get out of bed if you like. Or during your morning meditation/prayers. Or while you drink your coffee. Say something like: “Divine Mother Father God, surprise and delight me today with wonderful gifts. Thank you!”. Then - notice the gifts all day long. Maybe write them down as you notice. You can do this or your phone on in a small notebook you carry in your pocket. If you can't write them down, then say it out loud - “Wow, what a wonderful gift. Thank you!”. Then stop and feel the loving energy coming your way. It's that same feeling you get when it is your birthday party, and everyone is focusing their love and attention on you. Notice that! This is happening to you all day, every day! Isn't that wonderful!? Finally, when you lay your head down to go to sleep at night, list all the wonderful gifts you received from the Divine that day. Notice each day how your list gets longer and longer! And of course don’t forget to say Thank You 😉

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