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Stop Resisting Your Dream Life

If you know about the Law of Attraction, you know that the Universe can provide us with our Dream Lives. Actually - it is designed to do this! Basically, this law says we attract into our lives whatever we focus on. So, if we just focus on the lack in our lives, then we get more lack. More of what you notice is what you get. Focusing on lack shows up when we are doing things like feeling frustration, doubting we can have what we want, feeling impatient, feeling desperation, over “doing to make things happen” (hustling). These are all forms of resistance. Resistance is how we block ourselves from Allowing our Dream Life. How do we know when we are resisting? Well, if you are not living the life of your dreams – then you know you have some resistance in your life. You might be experiencing your dreams and desires in some areas, but not in all areas. So, let’s start experiencing all our dreams coming true!

If more of what you notice is what you get, then let’s start noticing what we want. How do we do this? By focusing on the feeling of living the life of your dreams. Look at it this way - What you are experiencing today is a manifestation of your past. So, what you will experience in the future, is the result of what you are allowing right now. Try living with a knowing that your dream is there in the future for you and FEEL IT NOW! Get out of the state of lack by feeling Gratitude NOW. Genuine gratitude. Try this out on a small desire and see how it really works! Remember – get to the feeling of genuine gratitude 😊

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