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Stop, Pause and Notice

Noticing your surroundings is a simple way to get out of your head and into the present moment. Being stuck in our heads disconnects us from our Peace and Joy of Life. And being disconnected causes us suffering (in our relationships, in our jobs, in our everyday actions). If we can get into the present moment at least once a day, this is a great start! You will start to notice and enjoy the peace that you feel in these moments and genuinely desire more. Over time it will grow – you will intentionally seek out these quiet moments. One fun way to notice your surroundings is to experience a sunrise or sunset in its entirety. Just sit and watch with wonder. Notice the light and shadows changing on your surroundings. If you are outside, listen to the sounds and notice any birds or animals. If you start to get into your head (thinking about something other than this beautiful moment), just refocus yourself back on all the changes of the sunrise (or sunset). Isn’t it amazing that no matter what, the sun is always there to make this beautiful daily transition!? And what a blessing it is that we are alive to witness it!

Besides the sunrise/sunset, there are lots of other ways to Stop, Pause and Notice. Try it right now. Take a deep breath and notice your breathing. Breathing in. Breathing out. Follow it for a few breaths. Then notice 3 things around you that you have never really notice before. Look at these things with the intention of seeing new details you have never noticed before. Say all these things that you are noticing out loud. Then smile at how silly it is that you have always overlooked these details. 😊

The more you take your attention off your struggles and have the intention to notice what is around you, you will notice that you are blessed and start to feel gratitude in your life. You have the power to choose. The power to choose is a gift. Choose to slow down and notice all the blessings in your life. Always end this exercise with Gratitude. Think about all the things in this day you are grateful for. Better yet, say them out loud! 😊

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