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Running on Empty

Our bodies tell us when we are running on empty. But sometimes our minds want to ignore these messages and push us forward in our busy lives – causing a Body VS Mind war. Our bodies are highly intelligent, but our minds like to think otherwise (did you catch that pun – “our minds like to Think” 😊). Our bodies have an intelligence in them that started from a single intelligent cell. That cell intuitively knew how to multiply and develop every organ in our body. So, who is smarter now? We forget this and do not give our bodies the credit they deserve. Our bodies deserve our attention and appreciation. When it tells you it’s time to stop (or slow down), give it that attention. If you do not, your body will continue to speak to you using pain, a lack of energy, a bad mood, or even accidents. We can even end up sick in bed. This is when we are forced to listen!

How do we avoid getting to this point? By first noticing when and how are bodies are sending us messages. I always say that Awareness it the first step to all illumination and growth! Start by sitting quietly and checking in with your body. A quick body scan can tell you how you are doing. Are your shoulders or your jaw tight or does your back hurt? Is your butt sore from sitting at your desk for too long? Are your eyes tired from looking at the computer screen all day? Whatever the sensation, notice it and ask yourself – what’s the message my body is sending to me? Unlike our minds that are constantly talking just for the sake of talking, our bodies speak to us intentionally. Do not ignore these messages.

Slow down, take a deep breath, and honor your body. Be mindful. When your ego keeps saying, let me just do one more thing here then we can rest – tell it “You are no longer in charge!”. Slow your mind down by inhaling and exhaling slowly. Sit for a few minutes and just pay attention to your breath. Breath in fully through your nose, Hold it for a few seconds, then exhale slowly and completely. Do this for a few breaths and then resume your normal breath. But continue to follow the circle of your breath. As you breath in follow your rising chest and as you exhale follow it down. Give your body and mind this quiet time every day. At least once a day, but if you can more often. Maybe set a timer on you phone every few hours to remind you to take these few minutes for yourself. Doing this will refuel your body and mind so you can fully enjoy every moment of your Life, instead of pushing through it on empty. 😉

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