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Riding the Wave of Change

How can we all Hang 10 during these uncertain and unfamiliar times? If you don’t know what Hang 10 means, here is what Google says: “Hang Ten is a surfing maneuver in which a surfer stands and hangs all his or her toes over the nose of the board.” Wow! That’s brave! I think Hang 10 for all of us as consciously riding this wave of uncertain and unfamiliar times – just like riding an unfamiliar wave in the ocean. We stand right on the edge of the board (our Spirits) and Trust that we have what it takes to ride this wave (our lives/these changing times) with success. Change is never easy. It tests us. It takes us out of our comfort zone. It causes anxiety and uncertainty. We prefer our predicable lives! But remember change is constant and necessary, so it is inevitable (and necessary for evolution). So, what’s to be expected now? On the other side of all this change, we will have a global shift in consciousness. We are already feeling more connected. That is a peaceful feeling. Less “Them and Us” and more of a feeling of Unity. This is OUR planet. This can be a time of feeling that Peace on top of the wave and Trusting in the Peace we will find on the other side of the wave.

Now, Hang 10 can also mean: “Resting on the board after a good wave”. This will be all of us after this surge has passed. Trust in this. That’s what it takes 😊

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