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Reclaim Your Creativity - Reclaim Your Spirit

When you are connected to your Spirit, you are at peace and in joy. This is because your Spirit is a part of the Universal Energy of the Divine. These are times when you can feel your heart smiling. :) Sometimes though, we lose that connection and become pulled into the stresses of life. Eventually we feel the pull to reclaim our Spirit.

Being Creative is one very powerful way to reconnect to your Spirit. Creativity is actually an expression of your Spirit. So, when you are expressing your self through creativity, you are expressing from your Spirit. Some of you might be thinking "Oh no, I am NOT creative. So how can I reconnect to my Spirit? ". Let me share with you this Truth - Everyone is creative! Everyone has a Spirit, therefore Everyone is Creative. Creativity is not just creating Art. Creativity can also be expressed in the form of music, being curious, dance, writing, using technology to create something, gardening, decorating, experimenting, cooking, photography, doing your makeup - hair - picking out cloths, asking curious questions, building something, designing something, imagining something, acting/theatre, solving a problem, dreaming up a story - the list goes on and on. I'm sure you must be convinced by now that you do in fact have at least one creative bone in that body of yours.

Note: I used my creativity to come up with this list of ways to be creative ;)

So, I challenge you to do something creative in the next few days. At least one thing or maybe more. Get to know your Spirit by expressing your creativity. Do this just for you. Don't concern yourself with what others might think. This is about YOU and connecting to YOUR Spirit. Don't let that voice in your head tell you that you are not creative or that being creative is a waste of time or that you don't have time. This line of thinking will suck the joy out of your Spirit and your Life. Instead, tell that voice "It's OK. I'm just going to try this to see where it goes." Once you try this, you will start to reconnect to the joy in life and even start to receive messages from your Spirit in the form of more creative thoughts and ideas and inspiration and desires.

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