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Re-Spark Your Flame

We all have the ability and capacity to have endless energy in our lives. But sometimes our flame goes dim. What can happen to cause our flame to go dim? Usually something distressing happens in our lives like ending a relationship, loss of a loved one, losing our job/business, or losing something important to us. It can also be from a slow boil, like experiencing too much negativity (from other people or situations), experiencing disappointment, working too hard, anything that causes lack of balance in our life. With lack of balance comes a lack of joy. When this happens, we have lost connection with our Spirit. So, what do we do about this? First off, it is important to allow ourselves to experience our feelings and grief. Then once we are ready, it is time to reclaim our joy. Don’t stay stuck. Reignite that energy that is your innate right!

Last week I wrote about connecting with our Spirit. But, when you are starting from this place of loss, it requires more courage. The first step is to decide that you want to make reigniting your spark a priority. Once you make this decision, start paying attention to how you feel in every moment of your life and ask yourself “Does this dim my flame or ignite it?”. Be honest! Once you start doing this, you will start to realize what in your life is working for or against having balance and joy. Awareness is the first step. Remember that you have a choice!

If you are interested in exploring this further with my guidance, click on “REQUEST A FREE CONSULT” Above and send me a message. We Can Schedule a Call to Chat. I would love to work with you!

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