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Problem Solving with Space

I was recently reminded of how simply giving something space can generate a solution. I was stuck on a technology problem where something was not working as it should. I have a background in technology, so I knew I could figure this out. Plus, almost any bit of information and “how to” is available on the internet, so I started researching. It was proving to be a most difficult problem, so I started pushing myself to dig deeper to figure this thing out! But the more I pushed, the further away it seemed I was getting to the solution. My brain started saying things like “You don’t know anything about this particular technology, you will never figure it out!”. I started to become really frustrated. The more frustrated I became, the more I dug in and pushed for a solution. I started bouncing around from one tech support video to the next. At some point I was able to take a step back and realize that I was creating resistance with my forceful persistence. So, I decided to walk away and make a cup of tea. It felt good to be away from that forceful energy and to move into the calming energy of making a warm yummy cup of tea. My daughter was in the kitchen at the time, so I spent some time having a nice conversation with her. We even got to the point of having a good healthy laugh. When we were done, I went back to my desk where I had accidentally left a tech support video running. The video was probably 20 or 30 minutes in. And to my surprise, at that precise moment the gal was talking about exactly what I needed to know to solve my problem! What are the odds!?!? So I was happily on my way to making progress!

This was a great reminder that no matter how hopeless we may feel - the solution is always there - we just have to give it space and allow it to surface. So, the next time you are struggling with what you perceive as a “problem”, take a step away and give it some space. This opening in space will allow your solution to find you. It might be that you come back and see things with different eyes or it might be like my recent experience where the solution comes directly to you. All I know is that creating space (even if it is just with a deep breath) opens you up to receiving illumination from the Universe.

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