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Patience and Trust in 2020

Patience and Trust are words I will be living by in 2020. Last year my main word for the year was Courage. I was blazing new trails for myself. I was stepping out of my comfort zone and doing things that scared the hell out of me. I am very proud of myself. 😊 So, this year after working so hard to build my business, I now can surrender control. That’s hard when you are a “doer”. When you are a “control addict” – which many of us are but are not aware of it or don’t want to admit it. I have planted the seeds and created nourishing conditions for these seeds to grow. But, why are things growing so slowly!? My immediate response is, “I must not be doing enough!”. But, that’s not the case at all. I have been doing all the right things. And there has been some growth – just not as much as my ego would like. So, if you are like me and find yourself becoming impatient after planting and watering and tending your project, then join me in considering this idea of engaging Patience and Trust. If you must think of it as “doing” something, then think of it as working at a higher consciousness – not from the ego mind. The ego mind has done its job with all the planning and designing (Great job Ego!). Now it’s time to also engage the conscious mind. This involves Patience & Trust. Patience because growth will happen at its own pace, no matter how impatient we become. Trust because the Universe WILL do its part once we get the process going. At some point we must get out of the way and allow the Universe to step in. There will be reward for all our efforts! Part of Trusting is surrendering our ego’s expectations to what growth and success will look like. Don’t try to tell the Universe how to do it! Be open to surprise! Open your Heart and work as a team with the Universe. You planted the seeds, let the Universe sprout the bountiful harvest. Be Patient and Trust - It will grow!

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