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Mindfulness Tip – Release the Prisoner

I love teaching classes on Meditation/Mindfulness and leading Meditation groups! I believe that Meditation/Mindfulness is the Foundation of all Human Growth from life’s struggles. If you can get out of your head and connect with your Higher Self (your awareness), you can start the process of living a more grounded, peaceful and fulfilling life. The constant chatter in your head is not serving you. In fact, it is doing quite the opposite, it is holding you prisoner. If you are like most people today, you have trouble quieting that constant chatter. Here is a tip to help with this. Note: I read about this in Mindfulness Magazine.

Take a few deep breaths, filling up your lungs and slowly letting it out. Do this at least 3 times. Then, look around you and name 3 things you see out loud. Example (“I see my desktop”, “I see my cat”, “I see my pens”). Next, name three sounds that you hear. Sometimes it helps to close your eyes for this one. Example (“I hear my cat purring”, “I hear the fan blowing”, “I hear my breath”). Then name three feelings you are having right now. Example (“I feel hungry”, “I feel shy”, “I feel cold”). Take a few more deep breaths and sit with this. Then continue with the exercise but this time doing 2 of each. Two things you see, two things you hear, two things you feel. Take a few deep breaths and sit with this one. Then finally do the exercise for one of each. After doing the exercise I bet you notice a much quieter mind. Now as you are sitting quietly, notice the awareness you have of the quiet. That awareness is your Higher Self! You are free! Feel a smile in your heart 😊

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