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Mindful or Mindless Eating?

Eating mindfully has many benefits for your body like: creating better digestion, eating just the right amount and the making the healthiest choices for your body (which improves how you feel overall, creates more energy and getting better sleep). There is so much to be said just about eating healthier. Also, there is more pleasure with food when eating mindfully. But, paying attention while you are making decisions around food and while you are eating it is not always easy. With our very busy lives (family schedules, job schedule, social schedule, etc) we can easily fall into the habit of “grabbing a bite” in between activities or even during activities. This can become a mindless habit and one that is hard to break.

Mindful eating is when you are fully present and aware of your food choice and eating experience – as well as your thoughts and feelings during the experience. This process can start when you are deciding what to eat and considering how healthy it is for your body. It continues into the preparation of the food. While preparing your food you can have gratitude for all of the people who are involved in getting the food to you. Even if you are not personally preparing the food, you can consider these people while you are eating the food. Many people like to say “grace” before they eat their food. This is a great mindful activity to start doing. And then while you are eating, you notice everything about the experience without any judgement. Just noticing every aspect: the color, texture, smell, taste, the feelings in your body as you eat, any memories that arise. Again, notice without judgement.

Here are some Mindfulness eating Tips you can try:

1. Eating as a singular activity. Don’t multi-task while eating 😉

2. Chose the healthiest food available. This cultivates conscious eating habits.

3. Slow down when eating. Practice some Mindfulness eating exercises to help slow down.

4. Pay attention to your body while you eat. You will then know when you are full.

5. Notice when you are hungry and when you are not. This will help you to stop eating from your emotions (feeling lonely, sad or bored).

6. Gratitude. Consider where your food came from. All the people who helped get it to you.

7. I have a Mindfulness Eating Recording on my website that you can try:

Happy Eating!

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