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Meditation Tip – Figure 8

My students often tell me that they cannot quiet their busy thinking mind during meditation. I believe this because so many of us have trained our minds over many, many years of practice to constantly think – like mulling over ideas, re-running through events that have already happened or exploring possible future outcomes/happenings. So for those of us who struggle in this way, it's helpful to have something specific to focus on during meditation. One single point of focus to keep our mind "busy", but quiet. Shhhhh, it's a secret - don't let your bossy mind know what you are up to. You can try this simple tip that works for me.

Try this: Imagine a sideways 8 in front of your face with the center of the 8 at about your 3rd eye (between your eyes). You will follow the lines of the 8 as you breath. When you are inhaling, you are moving upward. When you are exhaling, you are moving downward. Repeat this pattern during your meditation. 1 Inhale, 2 Exhale, 3 Inhale, 4 Exhale - Repeat.

I can help you with this journey of deepening your meditation practice. If you are interested in exploring this topic further for yourself, click on “REQUEST A FREE CONSULT” Above and We Can Schedule a Call to Chat.

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