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Look Up!

Are you looking down or are you looking up? Most people tend to look down – into the past with regret or they look down at few/limited possibilities for their future. They live in dread and worry. When we do this, we are allowing our Ego to run the show. The Ego is full of fear and limited perspectives. If instead we allow our Spirit to run things, we start seeing all the wonderful possibilities. We see that in fact there are endless possibilities. Our Spirit is full of optimism and passion. Our Spirit knows that nothing is in our way to a beautiful Life. Our Spirit is with us always, we just need feel its light from our heart to allow it to come forward.

Look up! The Future is NOT set in stone. We all have freewill, so we can decide moment by moment how we interact with Life and the Universe. Your future can be whatever you desire. Look up and see doors opening. Look up and attract better/new relationships in your life. Don’t look back anymore, you are free from the past. Be delighted by allowing the light of your Spirit to lead you. It is as simple as Looking Up - from your Spirit.

Feel the beauty coming from your heart. Think about what would bring you joy in your life. When you notice you are “in your head” regretting or worrying, make a conscious shift into the present moment. Notice something beautiful around you. Maybe it is your pet, a loved one, your favorite mug with warm tea in it, nature outside your window, or your cozy warm sox. You decide. It IS possible to train yourself to mostly Look Up.

I suggest we all give our Egos the day/week/month/year off! And Look UP! What do you choose?

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