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Letting Go

If you have ever tried meditation, you will know that finding and keeping the silence is not easy. You succeed in reaching or noticing the silence and then you have a thought. Our thoughts are quite persistent. The thoughts are most often precipitated by our feelings. These thoughts and feelings are energetic and are kept alive by continually feeding each other energy. Feeling - Thought - Feeling - Thought. So, letting go of this energy is key. How to do this? First, notice and acknowledge the energy (thoughts and feelings). Be sure not to judge them. Then Let Go of this energy. I'm not suggesting suppressing or avoiding the energy - it will only come back if you do this. Just sit with it, but don't feed it with any more thoughts or emotions. Some people imagine the thoughts and feelings as helium balloons that they are holding. They notice them and then let them go to float away into the sky. Watch them float away as you feel the energy dissipate.

Next time you meditate, try this. Comment below about your experience.

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