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Let Go of Your Old Story

Are you reliving an old story? One where things did not work out the way you had wished? Many of us do this – we may be even unconscious to it. There are things or relationships in our lives where we are not happy about the way they went down, so we resurrect that story time and time again and relive and marinate in the old story. If you really think about it, you probably have one of these old stories. Disappointment, regret, heartbreak or maybe anger/frustration. You might even be addicted you your story! Whatever it is, it is taking up your precious time and energy AND it is robbing you of your Joy.

It is time to Let Go of this story! It is time to say “No More” to that energy that pulls you out of enjoying your life fully. But, how can we do this? We have replayed this story so many times in our heads, that it is hard to resist the nagging pull to hit the re-play button.

The first step is to resurrect it. Wait What???? Yes, resurrect it and appreciate your old story. Give it your full attention. I highly suggest you find a buddy to do this with. Find someone who has the desire to Let Go of their old story. Also, someone who you trust, who you can be vulnerable with (and they with you). Start by telling each other your stories. Over the course of a few days, connect with each other and take turns telling your story fully – don’t leave out any details. Let your emotions come up. During these few days, on your own journal about your story. Again, with all the gruesome details. Write about the suffering, the sacrifices, the disappointments, the anger, the regrets, all of it. Every – single – detail. After spending a few days doing this, pay attention to how you feel. Is your story energetically draining you? Are you bored? Are you noticing how it is keeping you from living in the Present moment – from what is happening right in front of you? Do you really want to keep living this way?

Next, it is time to release your old story. There are a few ways to do this. You can tear up, shred, or burn your written story. Better yet, do all three! If you journaled on the computer, print it out and do this and then delete it from your computer. While doing this, have the Intention to Let It Go. You can do this with your buddy or alone. But after doing this, connect with your buddy and talk about this release. Tell your buddy that you will not talk about that story ever again.

Now it is time to write your new story! The life and experiences you want to live going forward. Write about what comes from your heart and reflects your Spirit. Write about your new life and experience with not limitations. Let your imagination be free. After you have spent some time writing about it, have a conversation with your buddy. Tell them about your new story (and you listen to theirs). Feel the energy of these new stories. You will find that you are energized. Notice how enthusiastic you become. How genuinely empowered you feel. This will connect you to your Spirit – which is where you will find peace and joy.

Have fun! Make the decision right now that you want to have a new story. Decide that you no longer want to live in the past. You are done with that. Time to live an empowered life!

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