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Lazy Bones Lisa

Some days it is "Lazy Bones Lisa" who wakes up in my bed. And when this happens, I tend to immediately talk myself out of exercising that day (I usually exercise in the morning right after I meditate). But some days LBL comes up with an excuse why I shouldn't exercise that day. I have noticed a pattern (it is easy to notice patterns lately when every day is Groundhog Day). On the days when I allow LBL to talk me out of exercising, the rest of the day I feel the Blues. And this pattern can continue for days if I allow it.

Here's the Truth - We are made of energy just like everything in this world. And this energy vibrates. Our bodies can not survive without this vibration. So, it is our job to help keep this vibration going. The higher the vibration, the more vibrant our bodies and our lives will be. One of the most basic ways to help keep this vibration going is by moving our bodies. We must move our bodies to move the energy and Thrive (not just survive). When you are feeling low, move your body. A big part of feeling blue is that you have stagnate or blocked energy in your body. So when you start moving, imagine this energy starting to move and vibrate and flow. However you see it - as a wave or in colors or as a vibration or all of these. This movement can be walking, stretching, bike riding, running, exercise classes, yoga, Tia-Chi, anything with movement of the entire body. You can use music while you are moving - this adds to the vibration. Use your imagination to allow the vibration of the music to mix with the vibration of your energetic body.

Your energetic body consists of Your Skeletal System, muscular system, nervous system, skin, circulatory system, respiratory system, endocrine system, digestive system, reproductive system, metabolism, immune system... So, as you can see there are a lot of systems in your body that are depending on you to provide vibrational energy to Flourish! So, I am going to ask LBL to back off in the mornings - she can be lazy at night when it is time to go to bed ;)

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