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It’s Spring! Grow Your Spirituality

This time of budding and sprouting and new growth is a perfect opportunity for us to plant seeds and water and grow our spiritualty! Many of us have good intentions, but our busy lives seem to get in the way. I would like to challenge you to make connecting to your Spirit a priority. Once you make this decision, be ready for your Ego to push back. The Ego mind tricks us by saying “Yes I want to be more spiritual, but I don’t have time for that now.”. OR “I know that meditation will help with my anxiety, but my life is too complicated to even try. Maybe Later.”. For many of you, you are already hearing this before you even finish reading!

Nothing will change if we allow our Ego mind to take over and convince us that these excuses are valid. So, decide to take baby steps to get started. Each day do one thing (meditate, write in a gratitude journal or speak out loud what your grateful for, go for a walk-in nature, have an intention to be more kind, deep breathing, see the light in others, pay attention to your intuitive feelings, pay attention to what your body is telling you). Start small and let it build over time. Add more each day - It will naturally build. Another tip is to ask a friend to try this with you and take time to share your experiences.

Have fun growing and enjoying your spiritual garden!

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