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It’s Easiest in the Morning

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

I have heard this message multiple times this week, so I am paying attention – and sharing with you. In the Morning it is easiest to access the present moment - where we are fully aware (not in our heads, not listening to the mind chatter). When we first wake up, we are closest to this state. It’s a clean slate. A reboot. Also, you will be more likely to stay in this state more often during the day if you start the day here.

My journey to living a more peaceful life has led me to different daily practices. One being Meditation. My meditation practice has become an anchor for me, meditating least once per day in the morning. I find this quiet time to be the best for me. I have a very active brain, so catching it while it is quiet and still is important. When I heard this message about mornings being the easiest time to be present, it really resonated with me.

There have been studies showing that if you start your day in the present moment, then you will most likely end the day there. The same goes for your thoughts. If you start the day with positive thoughts, you are most likely to end the day this way (and experience more positive thoughts during the day).

As soon as you start thinking in the morning, your thoughts gain momentum (building on each other). So, start to pay attention to your first thoughts when you wake up. If your first thoughts are positive, then keep them rolling! But, you might notice that your first thoughts are negative. You might think things like “Oh, I’m dreading that presentation I have to give today!” or “Great, it’s raining again” or “I don’t want to deal with [fill in the task/person] today”. Thoughts like this will snowball into more negative thinking. The Law of Attraction manifests through your thoughts, by drawing to you thoughts and ideas of a similar kind. Once you have a positive or negative thought, you start to naturally attract similar thoughts.

SO wake up in the mornings, pay attention, and spend some time in the present moment!

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