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Imagining Our Dream Life

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Our imagination is a powerful tool that we all have – even if you don’t feel it. Our imagination is what we use to create everything in our lives. It is so powerful that you must only use it to focus on positive desires. The Universe listens to us through our imaginative thoughts and it gives us what we imagine most frequently. This can make manifesting our dream life SO easy AND it can also make manifesting our worst nightmare happen too. ALL just with using our imagination! Let’s talk about using this great powerful tool in the most positive way.

It’s fun to imagine having the life of your dreams. Who knew that daydreaming was so productive! So, spend some time doing this. Your thoughts do have a vibration to them, but to add even more vibration (the communication path to the Universe), use your voice or write down you dreams. Talk to supportive friends about your dreams. Spend time sharing with each other. Not only does the get them out there, but it provides some good feelings to boot! Another way to add vibration is by creating. You have probably heard of a vision board. If you have not, Google it. Using your creativity to express your dreams and desires adds even more vibration to your message to the Universe. Have a Vision Board Party and get the good feelings rolling with friends and family. Talk about what your are adding to your Vision Board as you are creating. It’s loads of Fun!

Conversely, we must also know that if we have negative thoughts or thoughts about what we don’t want, we are communicating with the Universe here too. If we allow the outside world to hijack our imagination, then we will be creating that which we might not desire. The Universe operates on vibration and it does not discern between “good or bad”, it simply listens to what you imagine (or talk about) and says “OK, I will give you THAT!”. It is so important to engage our imagination in an upbeat way. And make sure the conversations you are having – make sure that every word out of your mouth, is something that which you desire (not the opposite).

So, Let’s get creating the life of our dreams by becoming Day Dreamers!

I can help you with this journey of discovering and manifesting

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