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Helping Hand

These past few days, I have received several messages from the Universe to be of service to others - to help where I can. I really do love to help others. But, the message I am receiving is to be sure I am helping from a place of love and not fear. I wondered though, "Isn't helping always coming from a place of Love?". Well, not always. When we feel that we need to "rescue" someone, that's when we are coming from a place of fear (our Ego). This type of help has the energy of weakness and helplessness attached to it - which in the long run helps no one. On the other hand - helping from a place of Love (our Spirit) has the energy of Empowerment attached to it. Helping others from a place of Love not only empowers, but also reminds and connects them to their Spirit.

So, as I see it - My Intention is important when helping others. Is my Intention to Serve (not to rescue)? I will discern the difference between Love and Fear based motives. I see opportunity to help others as a gift from the Universe and I intend to accept that gift with gratitude.

This Holiday Season, Let's all be moved to lend a Loving Helping Hand. ;)

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