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Has Your Mind Painted You Into A Corner?

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Are you unintentionally allowing narrow thinking to paint you into a corner? You will know this has happened if you find yourself saying/thinking "I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't". And feeling very frustrated! You might feel like you can not escape a situation or that you have no room to maneuver within it. This happens when we have untamed preconceived notions about a situation/relationship or when we are assuming things are certain and inflexible. Even though you might see these ideas as the Truth, they are not. You are just way too close - causing a myopic view of things. It is your thoughts that are stuck in the corner, not you!

When you recognize that you have painted yourself into this corner and thinking that there is no way out - just take a breath and a small step back. Take notice of your thoughts. Where might they be cornering you? Can you have a look around these thoughts and consider other scenarios or possibilities? A lovely Spiritual Teacher I follow once said "Stop your mental movie and take a commercial break.". Give yourself some time and mental space to look at the situation from a fresh view. Go for a walk and move your energy while considering this fresh way of looking. Add some humor to your outlook - that always helps. Sometimes our minds/thinking takes over because we are being too serious. If you see yourself as this gal does - realizing that you're over thinking and rigid views have put you into this funny corner - you will find a way out!

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