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Get in the “Still Zone”

The Still Zone is a place where you experience effortless flow. Besides deep meditation, some other examples of being in the Still Zone are a riding the wind while hang-gliding, viewing something beautiful, listening to soul moving music, the flow of creating something (like art or writing), everything clicking into place in sports, experiencing flow during a presentation. There are many examples. There have been studies proving the benefits of Flow. Mindfulness Meditation is one great example and one that can be easily practiced daily. One study stated that daily mindfulness meditation changes brain structure in just 8 weeks! Repetition of daily meditation will create a shift. This shift will be very subtle at first, but if you stick with it you will notice the changes. Life will start to feel different. You will see things and respond differently. You will open up to levels of expanded consciousness and greater feelings of creativity and joy for life. You will become open to your intuition and become more in tune with everything. You will problem solve with ease. You will be inspired with lots of exciting ideas. You will create with effortless flow. So, get in the Still Zone daily! If meditation is not for you, get there with some of the other examples I mentioned above.

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