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Get In The Flow Of Life By Accepting and Giving

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

We all tend to try to do everything ourselves most of the time. We also tend to turn down help from others. How many times have you said “No thanks, I can do it myself” and struggle or exhaust ourselves in the end? So many of us are full of pride and perceive asking for (or taking) help from others as weak. It can feel vulnerable to open up to help. But If you just open yourself up and accept help from others you will find that it puts you in the flow of the Universe. Struggling on your own is NOT in flow. When you feel this struggle, ask yourself “How can I get some help so that I can be in the flow of Life?” or “How might I be blocking others from helping me?”. Try asking for what you need. Also, the next time someone offers to help you, try saying “Yes! Thank you.”. If you want to take it further, you can return the kind gesture by sending a Thank You note. In fact, consider writing Thank You notes to 10 people who have helped you and made your life a little easier. Make it fun by purchasing (or making) some nice cards that you like and sitting down with the intention to write some kind words of gratitude. It will make a positive impact in your and the others life!

Another way to get in the Flow of Life is to offer help. Simple kindness feels good and gets you in the Flow quickly. We are all humans in this Life together, so providing service to each other makes all our journeys a little easier. Try it and feel the Flow of the Universe!

Please leave any comments below to share your thoughts and/or experiences of Giving and Accepting.

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