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Full Moon Halloween!

This Halloween will be rare! Besides the fact that Trick-or-Treating in a pandemic is “tricky”, this year there will be a Full Moon! This only happens every 18ish years. So, enjoy the brilliant light and energy this full moon brings us. It is a gift. Many people are disappointed this year that Halloween is dampened by the pandemic, but it really is just an opportunity to get creative. We always get creative on Halloween with our silly costumes, so this is just another layer of creativity we can add. How will you enjoy the festive energy of a Full Moon Halloween (and stay safe too)?

With everything else we are facing these days, just remember that you always have a choice on how you will internally experience life. You have free will. You can choose to be bummed and down about it (pulling everyone else down with you), or you can get creative and find the good and the opportunities in your experience. Ask yourself “How is Life FOR Me today? And how do I choose to experience it?”.

This weekend, I suggest dressing yourself in your best costume and go out and howl at the beautiful full moon!

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