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First STOP, Then Say YES

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

If you have something that you really want to manifest or create, but it is not happening. Maybe it’s something in your Business, or an experience in your life, or something related to your family or your relationships. When you don't see things happening or moving forward, you get frustrated and discouraged. Why is this happening!?

Many times, our Egos are the culprit! Let's face it - Our Egos (or Small Selves) are fearful and hold us back. Our Ego does not like being vulnerable. Our Egos try to protect us from getting hurt. It wants to wait until it is sure everything is safe before it takes a leap to Believing that we can have what we want. But the problem with this is that the Ego is NEVER SURE! It never feels safe. It makes up stories causing us to hesitate. “Maybe this is not the right time” - “I’m not ready (or prepared enough) yet” - “Maybe I don’t deserve the kind of success I want” - "I won't let myself get excited, in case it does not work out". These are the kinds of messages we get from our Ego.

Our SPIRIT on the other hand – knows that we can not hesitate. It knows that we can easily move forward and Trust that everything will work out. Our Spirit is always inviting us to Flow with it. It is always nudging and inspiring us. We just have to Listen and Trust.

So How do we do this? Well, first by saying YES to our Spirit and STOP listening to our Egos excuses. One way to get our Egos to quiet down is by practicing mindfulness and/or meditation (or both). By practicing mindfulness and living in the Present Moment, we start to notice when our doubting Ego is talking too much. Most often we don’t even consciously notice what it is saying to us. Just noticing that it is talking is a great first step towards hearing our Spirt and fulfilling our Hearts Desires.

I believe that AWARENESS is the first step. The more you become aware of the fear from the EGO, the faster you will be able to lean into Your SPIRIT and Trust the Flow of life. This will help you to stop hesitating. Because listening to our Ego’s fears and stories causes us to hesitate. Once we hesitate, we miss the opportunity to be in the flow of life. And being in the Flow allows things to happen for us.

SO, if this all resonates with you. Make a commitment TODAY to take these steps to STOP Listening to your Ego and start Listening to and Trusting and saying YES to your SPIRIT. On my website I have some free recordings to help you get started.

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