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Find the Road to Peace by Finding Your Spirit

Have you ever had a moment of feeling complete bliss and ease – feeling that everything is perfect in that moment? I think we all have. These are the moments of being in touch with your Spirit (Your Higher Self). Some people don’t know or never think about their Spirit. And some people know about their Spirit, but don’t make it a practice to connect with their Spirit. If we decide to make this connection and take steps to doing this, we will start to live a life of more peace and ease. So, let’s start by becoming aware of our Spirit. To do this, we must define our Spirit by noticing the disposition or energy of your Spirit. So, start by listing things that describe your Spirit. Is your Spirit curious, adventurous, playful, inspirational, energetic, nurturing, calm, relaxed, the quiet observer? Write all these things down. Also, list all the things you Love, the things that make you happy and make you laugh and put you in flow (getting lost in the moment). ALL the things that you love! What are things you love to do, people you love to be with, places you love to visit, experiences you love to have. Write these all down and every day read them and sit quietly feeling your Spirit. Making this connection helps you to have more of these moments of feeling contentment and ease in life. It’s a practice, so don’t just do this once – try practicing making this connection as often as you can. 😊

Also, this is a wonderful exercise to share with others. Start having conversations with people about this. Ask them about their Spirit. Share with each other how you would describe each other’s Spirit. You will notice that you each have very different Spirits. Some things might be similar, but others will be very different. Have fun! Let’s cultivate more peace and ease in the world!

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