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Fight Fear with Gratitude

In these recent weeks and days, many people are feeling fearful of the virus outbreak. The media does a great job of stirring up feelings of fear, so it’s easy to fall into it with everyone else. When we are in fear, we are not living from our hearts – we are mostly allowing our egos to run the show. And what a crazy show it can be! We can become closed hearted to each other in the process.

If you want to dampen down this fear, it is helpful to do things that raise your vibration and get back to living from your heart. Gratitude will raise your vibration quickly. So, try some of these gratitude exercises. Say out loud what you are grateful for every day – all day long. Tell people how grateful you are for everything they do for you (big and small and tiny things), even just being there for you. Don’t hold back! Express your gratitude to strangers. Express your gratitude to people in your life who are a challenge (you get extra points for this 😉). This is very important for raising your vibration. If you make an effort to do this daily, you will notice huge positive shifts in your life. When everyone around you is in spinning around in fear, you will feel at ease with love and trust in your heart.

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