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Feel the Vibration of Spirit - Your Support Team!

Science says that everything is energy. Energy vibrates at different frequencies. Low vibrations look solid to us. These are the things that we see in our lives. We believe them, because we can see them. I believe that I am sitting on this chair, because I can see it. Higher vibrations cannot be seen. But we can feel them. This is where Spirit can be found. It is hard for most people to believe in something they can not see. But we all have the capability to feel it. What many people don’t know is that we are constantly surrounded by Spirit. I’m talking about Guides and Angels! They are not just up in heaven; they are right by your side all day long! You are not alone! And if you can start to make that connection by feeling their vibration, you will no longer feel alone or unsupported. So how can you feel and sense your Guides and Angels? There are some basic practices you can try.

First off, it’s important for you to believe that you can be successful in feeling this vibration of Spirit. At least have enough curiosity to try it 😉. Just like when you were a child waking up on Christmas day with a full knowing and excitement that it would be a great and fun day - Begin this exercise of feeling spirit’s vibration with confidence that you will succeed (and have fun 😉). If you can’t fully tap into that confidence, don’t give up. Just keep practicing this exercise until you do start to trust it. Everything we learn takes practice and experience to create the feeling of confidence and knowing. In the early stages of this practice, your intellect tells you otherwise. Don’t listen to it! Allow the experience to teach you otherwise.

The first step is to start sensing the energy vibration in everything (people, animals, places, things in nature). Do this like you are listening in your quiet house for an unexpected sound in another part of the house. Get quiet and really listen. Do this exercise as often as you can every day. This starts the experience of feeling vibration. Maybe go out and hug a tree and feel the vibration of that tree. Actually see if you can feel the vibration of all the trees while doing this, because all the trees are connected and communicating with each other!

This is a good start for now. I will come back in future posts with more practice tools you can try. Comment below with any experiences you have trying this (or experiences you have had in the past if you have already tried this). Believe me, once you start to sense these subtle vibrations, you will have a great time! 😊

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