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Eat Bright Colors & Let the Good Vibes Roll

Our thoughts and feelings are influenced by the vibration of the food we eat. This is why when we eat a fresh orange, we feel good and tend to smile. Whereas if we eat a highly processed sugar filled donut we will get an instant high, but there always follows a low. And this low will cause negative thoughts and feelings.

Fresh whole foods have a higher vibration than processed foods. It's that simple. So, we can raise our vibration and feel better and more positive by eating nutritious high vibe energetic foods. The closer to the source and less processed the better. When we eat a piece of fruit right off the tree or a vegetable right off the vine, we are getting the most vibrational energy right from the sun and earth. And the brighter the color, the Higher the Vibration. I'm talking about colorful whole foods, not Fruit Loops!

Fast food from restaurants or vending machines is so far from the source that we are ingesting very low energy vibrations, so there are no valuable nutrients for our bodies and well-being. Eating these processed foods often will cause ill physical and mental health.

If we want to raise our vibration and live a more peaceful and healthier life, we can go for the Whole Fresh Colorful Stuff!

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