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Dream Big During the Solar Eclipse!

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

This Monday December 14th is a New Moon Solar Eclipse! With it comes the energy to Dream Big! This energy will feel optimistic and expansive. Let's have some fun with the opportunities it brings. Whether you believe in the influences from the Heavens or not, you can still have some fun. ;) I encourage you to take advantage of this beautiful and powerful energy. Dream about all the fun experiences and adventures you will have in 2021 and beyond! Dream of a future full of flow – where everything in your life (job, relationships, vacations, hobbies, health, etc.) easily moves in perfect harmony with your every desire. Dream of a life where you have a strong connection to your Spirit - where you are guided every day. This energy will be around all week, so you have time to contemplate your deepest desires.

Also during a solar eclipse, the sky becomes dark, so this signals a time to go inward with Gratitude in our hearts. We feel thankful for everything in our lives – no matter how we have categorized it (“good” or “bad”). No matter what it is – we will feel the pull to be Grateful. This is the way to freedom in our hearts. Gratitude. If you have trouble with this - ask for help. Say a little prayer to the Angels. They will send you reminders of gratitude in your life. Pay attention so you don't miss them! :)

When we live in Gratitude, our Dreams come true! So Dream Big!

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